Chromium OS on any laptop is now possible

Chromium OS on any laptop is now possible

Google’s Chromium OS is a Linux-based operating system that makes use of the Google Chrome Browser as the principal UI element. It manages the windows in the operating system. With many package apps available in the Chrome Web Store, it is possible to use the browser itself as an OS without any additional software.

The OS primarily comes pre-installed with few laptops from various manufacturers. The company Neverware is moving a step ahead with their CloudReady Software. The software lets you install the Chromium OS build on various types of laptops available in the marked, need not be a Chromebook. The company charges schools for licenses to install but is free for individuals.

The software is useful for old computers as its fast and uses much fewer resources. Also it can be installed alongside an existing UEFI installation of Windows OS.

CloudReady Structure

System Requirements? This won’t hurt you.

  • 1Gb of Physical Memory(RAM)
  • Few Gigs of Storage for the OS(preferable SSD for improved performance)
  • WiFi or LAN Connectivity
  • Boot from USB Support

So, how to get started?

  1. First of all, download the software from the download page into any PC with Chrome Browser. It necessarily need not be the system to which the software is being installed.
  2. Install the Chrome Recovery Utility from the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Open the Utility and click on the settings icon. Choose the Zip file that is downloaded as the source image.
  4. Plug in the pen drive and start the process. It takes around 10-15 minutes for it to burn the image.
  5. On the PC/Laptop to which the OS is to be installed, plug-in the USB Stick and choose the Boot from USB option to start the CloudReady.(Usually F12 keyis used for USB boot during system startup)
  6. The live version of the OS fires up. You can have a check on the hardware elements to know if its compatible.
  7. Once done, Click on the “Install CloudReady” open in the system tray to start the installation.

CloudReady Installation

The installation also allows you to choose between a Standalone install or a Dual Boot install options. Once the installation is done, remove the USB drive and let the system boot into the installed Chromium OS.

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