Chrome can now run Android Apps!

Chrome can now run Android Apps!
After all the buzz with Bluestacks and Youwave for running android apps, now there is a new entry! Its your own Google Chrome! Google has working hard in on bringing the Chrome OS to the main stream and this might be the right move!

android and chrome

Chrome basically uses the Google App Runtime to run its extensions and apps. Today, we are going to take a look at how an android app (.apk) can be converted into the format that can be run on the App Runtime.

Now, for the important stuff! Let me introduce ARC Welder , an extension for chrome that unpacks your apk files to bring it up and running in Google Chrome.

First of all, get the ARC Welder extension from the App Store for Chrome.
The extension is a slightly large file so make sure you are on a Wi-Fi or a Wired network.

ARC WELDER in Chrome App Store

Once you are done, Open the extension from the Chrome App Launcher. You’ll get a popup with material design, telling you to choose an apk file. Select the apk file of the app you need to run.

Hint: APK’s can be downloaded from searching in Google itself.

Now it asks you to choose your required screen orientation and also asks about providing clipboard access.

After selecting required options, go ahead with launching the application and enjoy the Android experience on your desktop.

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