10 Key Points to Look At When Choosing a Wireless Router for Your Home Office 2018

10 Key Points to Look At When Choosing a Wireless Router for Your Home Office 2018

The development of technology brings such a big change in people life, especially internet. With internet, we can do a lot of things that we never even think before. If we live in a big and crowded city, dealing with a bad traffic everyday to go and back from work can really be annoying, but with internet we can have possibility to work from wherever we like. It does not only give a freedom from a bad traffic on the road, but also give freedom to choose what time we want to work and what target we like to reach. Working from home is a new trend.

Having a good and stable internet connection at home become more and more important, especially for those who work and make money from home. A dream home office has to be supported with a high speed and stable internet connection

Apart of job reason, internet has been a very important for entertainment too. Watching online movie, playing online game, listening to favorite music, and many other things can be enjoyed with a good established and high speed internet connection.  At this point, a good and faster wireless router plays the most important role. Unfortunately, find a good router is not an easy job especially for beginner. There are a lot of aspects we need to consider about before making decision which wireless router we would like to buy. Here are the most important things we need to ensure we choose a good one.

1. Placement

To have a good coverage area, it is important to know where to put the router. So before going to a store and decide to buy a router, you have to know which part of the house you want to have internet connection. If you decide only in your office then one router will be good. But if, for example you have a larger house with two storey and lot of rooms, and you want that all the space are covered, then have two or more routers will be needed to eliminate dead end spots in the house.

2. Speed

When you buy a router, be sure to check the speed offered by its ISP (Internet Provider Service). A good one is at least 150 Mbps. Normally, the information about the speed is indicated on the router’s package. So take your time to check it.

3. Price

A wise proverb said “if you pay peanuts, you get monkey”. It means you get what you buy. A good quality router cost a lot of money, so do not be tempted to buy a cheap one  because at the end, you will ended up spend more money to buy a new one when you have problem. A very cheap price can indicate a fake product too, so better to check it before. The other things to do before decide to buy a router are reading reviews about a good one on internet as well as check the price.

4. Bands

Forget a single-band router if you fancy a high and stable internet connection, especially if your job needs a lot of data transferred. A single-band can only pick-up the 2.4 GHz so no wonder you can stuck in an endless buffering and of course it can reduce your working performance. Besides, it is not is not compatible anymore with all newly developed devices such a new smart phone, while dual-bands can pick-up both 2.4 GHz and 2.5 GHz bands. Dual-bands router allows HD streaming and much better for online gaming, so you can enjoy your favorite movie without any interruptions.

5. Standards

Choose wireless router with MU-MIMO or 802.11ac standard. It enables you to have a faster wireless connection and can be used with more than one device at the same time compare with the other routers.

6. Processor and RAM

Processor and RAM capacity are very important to cope with a high data transferred through the network. A dual-core processor is better than a single one and if you can effort it, a quad-core will be much better. A good RAM capacity must be at least 128MB. The bigger RAM capacity, the faster your connection will be.

7. USB Port

A wireless router has to have at least one USB ports so we can use it for other devices such as printer and external hard disk.

8. Smart Routers

Choose Routers that provide interaction with smart phone app so you can manage it easier with your smartphone, for example to change the setting or password of your router.

9. Durability and Warranty

When you buy other product, it is always good to consider about durability and warranty. When you are looking for wireless routers, checkout the durability and warranty to make sure you can have a possibility to fix it with no cost in the time of warranty. It also give can give a good feeling, know that the product we buy can be used for a long time.

10. Ask The Expert

Asking an expert offline and online. In such a big store, an expert of every product will be there for asking any question regarding to the product they sell. As comparison, checking a discussion forum about the product on the internet to know the experiences of people who have been use it.

All of the keys mentioned above will help us to find a good router. Seems easy, but it needs a lot of effort to learn it, particularly for those who never have experience before. Thank God, with the development of internet, we can find whatever information we need simply by searching it with various search engines. There are a lot of wireless router brands on the market today. Reading online review the product can give us a broader picture so we know what exactly what we buy. Find a good router is not easy but it is possible. So, hope you find the good one for you.

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