Casting an e-vote is nearing possibility!

Researchers in London have made a phenomenal improvement on the worlds biggest political impediment. Getting People to vote. The key to this technology is the kind of security a bank provides it’s customers and it doesn’t matter if a user’s computer is infected with any type of virus.
The University of Birmingham has developed this by providing independent hardware devices to the voters which will act as a hardware plug-in.Until this development came around the concept of 
e-voting was considered insecure and unreliable.This tech may be used in the 2020-2025 elections in the UK.
Will it be easy the employ this idea in India?With so many political parties and too many constituencies, it might be little hard but it is definitely possible. This system is very secure and it will surely bring down the numbers of duplicate votes.


The advantage is that the security of the “credit car sized” hardware device’s security is independent of the user’s system. The system provides a higher security compared to those provided by the bank. The device can detect a malware and also the fact that it is manufactured under the influence of the hostile adversaries.
The researcher’s have proved that even if an attacker controls the whole system voters and officials can still detect a flaw and control it.
This is a huge development in e-voting and it must also be noted that one of the developers is of an Indian-origin.