Things A Web Developer Should Follow To Build Secure Applications

Things A Web Developer Should Follow To Build Secure Applications

With the growing world of hackers, we see a lot of data breaches and leaks across different sites. There is a great increase in disclosure of bugs and vulnerabilities across the IT industry. Developers are striving hard to improve the software security everyday.

List Developers should Follow

There is an increasing demand for Penetration Testers and Security Architects all over the globe by IT companies in order to build secure applications. With users stressing more on Privacy of their data below is the list a developer should follow while building applications,

Online Web Application Security Project(OWASP)

OWASP is an online community, provides methodologies, documentation, tools, and technologies in the field of web application security.

Our mission is to make software security visible, so that individuals and organizations are able to make informed decisions.

OWASP prepares Top 10 lists of Web Application and Mobile Application vulnerabilities and guidelines on how to prevent those vulnerabilities in your application. The list also helps in Security testing of applications after development. Read more about OWASP 2017 Top 10 Vulnerabilities here.


Use of Updated Code and APIs

Most of the data breaches happen due to Applications using Deprecated(Outdated) Code and APIs. Developers should always have the habit of checking update on the Code and Packages used in the application. There are several package managers that now notify of updates present for the packages used in Application. That would be of great help for developers to apply patches provided as quick as possible.

Change Default Configurations

Most developers have the habit of carrying over the default configurations of APIs and packages. This could cost to the security of the application a lot. An attacker knowing the services used in an application, would first try to enter into the service by the default password of the service. This is often caused by the negligibility and laziness of the developer.


Following Coding Standards

Each programming language has a standard and the developer community has been providing various guidelines on which methods to be called on where. For current programming languages and services, developer communities are quite active in helping out beginners and experts come down to let beginners know the best standards.

Using Language-Specific Security Methods

Programming languages have evolved over time and most languages provide easy ways to developers to prevent certain attacks. Languages provide specific methods to prevent XSS(Cross-Site Scripting) and SQL Injection kind of vulnerabilities. This would basically provide a minimal layer of security to the application.

Proper Boundary Conditions

Developers should set essential boundary conditions to their application. For instance, in forms where you require users to enter Mobile Numbers, the field should allow only Numbers and there should be a restriction for the length of the number. Similarly in Image or other file Upload functionality, the application should restrict file format types to a limited amount. Proper boundary conditions should be ensured for the application to be secure.

Above are some important methods to make your application less hackable. I say less hackable as there are more ways to gain access into an application. In order to prevent that, developers must make sure that their application is secure based on the OWASP practices.

There are also numerous Security Meetups and Conferences where Developers and Security Researchers join together and discuss about different challenges and new possibilities in Securing applications. If you are a developer make sure you be a part of such communities to update your application based on the latest trends. Stay Tuned for more updates. Happy Coding.

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