I Bet You Never Knew This Chrome Feature!

I Bet You Never Knew This Chrome Feature!

After the downfall of Internet Explorer, Google chrome has been the most preferred browser and is popularly used in both windows and mac. Although it very popular certain features are only known to the power users and not most of them are aware of all the small features which can really change the way you browse the Internet.

Tab audio control:

There is a simple way in chrome to turn of the audio in specific tabs. I am sure most of you will find this new.Follow these steps

Step 1: Open your browser ( Works on both Mac and Windows so no issues there )

Step 2: Type chrome://flags on your browser page like this


Step 3: Go to search bar using Ctrl+F and search for “Tab audio muting UI control”

Step 4: The page will navigate you to the setting and click the enable option right there.

you will see a page like this

Voila! You can now use the symbol in the tab for muting.

enable disable audio for tabs

There are a lot more features you can try.Make sure you don’t break the browser. Cheers!