The best wearable devices of 2016!

The best wearable devices of 2016!

Is it the end of 2016 already? Does not feel like it at least for me. Nevertheless, we will review a bunch of wearable devices that were trending in the past year. from Oculus Rift to Snapchat Spectacles.

Bringing you the best of Wearable devices of 2016

Oculus Rift

The world was introduced a revolutionary virtual reality headset on March 2016. VR headsets became popular after the release of Oculus redefining the way of playing games. It was dubbed as the “Future of Entertainment” as it provided an amazing experience for the users and it was clearly superior to any other VR device. The device had its ups and downs as like any other new product that arrives in the market and it is a bit premature to call the device the future of entertainment or anything similar to that sorts.

Technology is evolutionary and something new like this might come up soon. But, the idea of the technology being the future of entertainment rather than the device itself is unquestionable. Oculus launched the Oculus Touch controllers which will prove to be effective than Xbox one and December 6th the much awaited Room-Scale VR is going to be released. Room scale VR is the technology which uses the clear space in the surroundings for gaming and it will make the virtual environment more real and effective.


Fight Your Asthma with Respia

Respia is a device which can save your life and I’m not exaggerating. This device comes with a washable silicon patch which you can stick to your chest. This patch will monitor your heart beat and send a haptic feedback if it detects you are in a breathing trouble.It comes with an app which reminds to use inhalers which connects to the phone via Bluetooth. With 300 million asthma patients all over the world, Kawecki who is an asthma patient herself is toiling hard for turning this device into a product and eventually make it commercial. This is one the most innovative wearable devices of 2016 because it integrates health and tech so effectively.


Moov Now!

Moov Now as the name suggests encourages the physical exercise and does just more than tracking your heart rate. The dapper looking wearable upgraded from its previous version and integrated all separate six apps into one. In addition to this it provides training plans for you. Swimming and Boxing can be tracked and it sends reports while it coaches you for running and cycling exercise. While the constant need for a smartphone and GPS signal is a downside it is a definite step towards making fitness addictive just like games. So get Mooving right now!


The Google Daydream View

Google took advantage of quite a few pitfalls of its fellow VR products like Oculus and HTC Vive and released a fresh product which is easy to use. It’s very easy to configure and comparatively affordable. The major downside is it works only with Google Pixel (at least for now).


It is a headset which makes any compatible phone into a VR device within a flash. Unlike other headsets, Daydream does not need any adjusting and it follows your motion accurately. And CNET calls the device “Magical but murky” but that is because the device had to be re-calibrated in the middle of usage and the weight of the phone was little uncomfortable and persistent use caused neck pain but soon these obscurities will be rectified and we must be ready to daydream our way into virtual reality.

Snapchat Spectacles

This wearable has created quite a buzz recently but hard to declare a hit or a miss. These glasses are custom made for Snapchat and it adds to the addiction of social media, but still good technology deserves to be appreciated. The device allows you to record a ten second video of your Snapchat story. Based on the user review, the audio seems to be below the expectation and the inability to snap still images is off putting. But does the Snapchat spectacles have enough juice to stay in the market? Because products like these will turn out to be boring after receiving a grand reception.


2016 has marked the introduction of commercial wearable products. With awesome  innovation and great attention to detail most of the products will change the way people use technology. Wearable products are here to stay!

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