Must-Have Productivity Apps for Your iPhone

Must-Have Productivity Apps for Your iPhone

Technology is changing the way we communicate, think and work. We are reflecting on new ways to make our life more comfortable and easier by deploying tech in our day-to-day activities.

Internet of things, machine learning and smartphones are used all together to bring us some of the best apps which will give us an upper hand in everlasting quest to become more productive. When you are having the problem with organizing your day, productivity apps will help you make a to-do list. In case you need to send the contract to someone, scan it with your phone and forward it.

Some apps can give you a hand with your personal organization and some with document management. For whatever the reason you might use some of these apps, we encourage you to try them out and see what fits your needs the best.

1. FocusList

There is no better productivity indicator than knowing how much time you need to finish some of your daily tasks throughout the day. The FocusList app enables you to find out your time allocation throughout your workday by creating something like a to-do list where you set your time estimates on how much time you spend on, for instance, answering your emails.

FocusList App for iPhone

The time tracking works on Pomodoro technique that includes sessions of 25 minutes focused work and 5 minutes of resting. After your day is finished, you can see how much time you have spent on each assignment, compare it with your estimates and even see which day of the week was the most productive for working. When you know all these details, then you can start planning your day more efficiently.

2. Scanbot Scanner

The desktop scanners are seriously challenged with the new phones and more importantly, the apps that allow you to scan with great quality almost anything while on the go. One such app is Scanbot Scanner, which allows you to scan document with just a few taps and save it as a PDF. The best thing is that you can make scans wherever you are and you can upload them to the cloud almost instantly.

If you need to scan some important document, then you would be glad to hear that the app will automatically crop the edges around the document and also improve the quality of the scan, as if your document was made with a real scanner. This app can greatly help you with document creation on your iPhone.

3. PDF to Word Converter

Nowadays, files are shared in an electronic form and grossly those files are PDF documents. One of the biggest challenges when dealing with PDFs is that they can be hardly edited. With that being said, the PDF to Word Converter app is here to help with converting PDF to a more suitable file type for editing, like Microsoft Word document on your iPhone or iPad.

PDF to Word Converter

With this app, this can be done very easily, only a few taps are required. Convert documents from your device or documents that are stored on Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox and even Gmail attachments directly within the app. OCR technology allows converting the scanned PDFs as well, without any difference. If you are looking for a way to reuse your PDFs time and time again, this app might be helpful.

4. Inbox by Gmail

Most of the emails we receive are promotions, social media related things and only small percent of them actually hold on pieces of information relevant to you. Those important emails get lost in the sea of spammy ones. To avoid this from happening, Google has released the Inbox by Gmail app that can help you manage your emails more effectively.

The first thing to know is that this app is fully integrated with Gmail, so no worries. It will make bundles of the similar messages that can be dismissed with just one swipe. But on the other hand, it will set the notifications about the important messages that you didn’t respond to. If you can’t respond now to the email, just snooze it until later. This app makes your inbox a lot smarter and more organized.

5. Evernote

Writing down your random thoughts and ideas right when they come to your mind is a good way not to forget them later on. The need for a good notebook that we can carry everywhere with us has been realized as Evernote app. You can add picture notes, notes with PDF files and you can even voice record your notes.

If you often change the devices, Evernote is automatically synced on your computer, iPad and iPhone. Just continue where you have left. It can also be used as collaboration tool by sharing your notes with other people and giving them permission to add their two cents to the project. Make to-do lists, add reminders and much more. A smart person always writes everything down.

If we missed any of the productivity apps in your iPhone, tell us about them in the comments!

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