Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows

Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows

If you are a music enthusiast and waiting to record a song for yourself, GarageBand is an application for you. This is a well-designed piece of software and is equally good at sequencing or recording an audio. Though it doesn’t have any advanced features, you may outgrow it, but it is a great place to start your passion for music.

Windows users often miss out everything ever since the debut of android and iOS as they offer a lot of the users, but still Garageband for PC is a possibility. The good news for the Windows users is that there are many solutions that can offer a similar functionality if you are looking for authentic Windows applications. Even though you don’t have an Apple device, you create a great music with this software.

Here are a few both free and paid alternatives to GarageBand.


Stagelight has its own way to approach towards producing music digitally which is quite different from the other familiar packages. This focuses on the interface typically which is known as the live mode. This is one of the ways to test the various loops and audio loops together to see how meshes well, and used by some of the electronic artists while performing live.

Though, Visual design has to be one of the major drawbacks for Stagelight. In practice, it looks like a sparse for its own good, but from a distance, it looks like a slick piece of minimalism. However, the core functionality is good enough.


Cubase Garageband alternative

Cubase is currently running 9th version for the tool. It is a tool that allows you to record, mix tracks & produce and mix with professional results. The tool has a good collection of digital editing applications, MIDI and music sequencer. You can be able to edit and mix songs with the tools here professionally and enjoy the top recording audio-quality. Cubase is offering a set of specific tools for a variety of musical genres and with this, you can now have the freedom to create an amazing music irrespective of your preferences.

The pro version in Cubase is powerful and using it, you can record live shows and have a band in your studio and what not. Many professionals trust this tool and it has been here in this industry for more than 30 years now.

Soundation Studio

If you are looking for a free option to test your skills in music, then this is for you. Soundation Studio is a free application that gives you the possibility to use an extensive selection of features that allows you to create the music you want.

soundation garabeband alternative

The instruments and real-time effects that this tool offers are amazing with a library of over 700 sounds and loops. Audio recording and editing and more are possible with this tool. You can additional sounds from the shop, or upgrade to a paid account to get the access to a library with premium sounds and it is just an option. But using the paid account, you can be able to import your own audio tune. Also, you can share the finished audio tracks online.


LMMS is a free tool and versatile open-source solution created by musicians that are made to get compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS. It also allows you to develop your skills and create great music on your own. The interface of this tool is very simple to access and the features here helps you to create great tunes and make every stage of the process easy for you.

The collection of music and instruments with effects are amazing in this tool. With LMMS, you can be able to find the tunes in various genres like melodies, chords and many patterns with the help of Piano Roll Editor. Once you create your music, you have the option to share the music on SoundCloud, or through LMMS’ sharing platform.


ableton for PC

Ableton Live covers have a wide range of options for its users. It is amazing with real-time editing the music which is what you can see setting it apart from the other options available in this genre. The tool is offering more flexibility and a set of powerful tools to compose, write and remix the songs and capture the live performances with top-notch quality.

If you are serious enough about creating music, Ableton is the one for you which comes with the perfect choice as it supports advanced technology and an advanced groove engine that has an enhanced MIDI editor. Ableton Live is also offering sophisticated edition functionality with some of the best customization settings for you. With this, you can root the audio and then it lets you record from Push sampling.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a free application that you can download for free of cost. It works fine with Windows and with other platforms like Android and iOS totally fine. It lets you create your own music with efficiency and simplicity and it covers the necessary features by which you can get great results.

musicmaker jam for PC

There is an option for you to choose with four different music genres and you can change them on monthly basis. This is not all about the app. The in-app purchases allow you to get more from the tool. By using this tool, you can remix tracks and there is an option that lets you add effects by just shaking the device, which I think is cool.

But still if you are looking to get Garageband for PC as you don’t want to upgrade to iMac or Mac, you can check the tutorial and follow the steps.