Become a Linux Pro

Become a Linux Pro
Getting to know Linux is a great add-on for students with Computer Science and Information technology majors. It has been a platform that stays apart with its own uniqueness. Of course, Linux is hard to understand in the beginning, but as you move on, you will start liking it. Its potential is huge and so the use of terminal.

The reason why Linux is awesome is, 
  • its free
  • open source nature (anyone can alter the source code itself)
  • numerous distributions
  • highly customizable
  • total control over processes and indeed the system itself
Linux is totally a geek stuff as most of the people around you would still be unaware of its usability. So what are you waiting for? Get started with these resources.

Linux Foundation

This is best source of all the Linux stuff. It even offers certifications for various Linux-specific courses. It offers you free online course on edX to get started and also there are many training videos. 
Linux Foundation also offers paid courses that include certification. You can also download their resources and read them offline.

Stanford OpenClassroom

The Stanford’s Open culture for education is bringing Linux courses online for free. It covers almost all the important topics from shell to network commands and I/O.

Youtube Playlist – Linux Tutorial Series

Book – Guide to linux – PDF, ePub

Online content – Introduction to Linux

If you have any other resources that are worth seeing, do let us know.