Are Bad Reviews Hurting Your Business? Here Is What You Need to Do

Are Bad Reviews Hurting Your Business? Here Is What You Need to Do

Reviews are a potential aspect that can make or break a business. Major review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor have a complicated algorithm that helps bring to light the most positive or most negative reviews. Thus just like one mistake can undo all the goodness that people see in you, one bad review can have a detrimental effect on your business. The quality of reviews determines the number of stars you receive on Glassdoor or Yelp. This star rating is optimized by the review site on the basis of the positive or negative impact of reviews submitted.

Reasons behind Bad Reviews

There are many reasons that can cause an individual to give a bad review regarding a business. If the type of bad review is recognized, them immediately the corresponding solution can be chalked out and applied.

Following are the reasons why a business gets negative reviews:

  • If a customer is displeased by the services provided by a certain business organisation, then there are chances of receiving bad reviews. The business may in itself be a proper functioning organisation, but lack in catering at some point of time might instigate a customer to react negatively. This is something the organisation has to handle tactfully.
  • Bad reviews can sometimes be completely fake. This happens when there are competitors in the market conducting similar businesses. A very negative (may be fake) review will immediately show up on sites like Yelp and Glassdoor. These reviews can be warded off by using the Domain Authority method which will be discussed later in this article.
  • A displeased ex-employee who has been fired can sometimes leave a highly obscene review acting as a client. They are easy to track as the review comes soon after the employee leaves. The “flag” method discussed later in this article can be used to avoid such reviews.

Removing bad reviews

How to Remove Bad Reviews

Keeping in mind the major scenarios that result in the surfacing of a bad review for your business, the solution has to be drawn. Reputation management companies function by helping their client get rid of such bad reputation due to negative reviews. The steps taken to get rid of different bad reviews are as follows:

Using Brand Searches

Every business should keep a regular tab on the kind of reviews they receive as more than 60% of the potential customers are affected by a bad review. Brand searches give the highest number of optimized results on Google. Thus, to search for a bad review, all you need to type is “business brand name + reviews”. All the possible negative reviews you have received will pop up, enabling you to understand the results that pop out prominently when the brand is searched on Google. Then you will be able to take the necessary steps to remove the bad review or make sure that customers don’t come across it.

Connect With The Person Who Has Given A Bad Review

This can be done in the case of a disgruntled customer giving a highly negative review that can affect the reputation of a business. For example, a customer has been displeased with the quality of service provided by some e-commerce website who has written a negative review.

In this case, the e-commerce site can respond by apologizing in a positive manner stating that their work quality is excellent, but since to err is human, something might have lacked while catering to that particular customer.

They should also invite the customer to try their services again citing examples of many who have actually benefited from it. Being polite and sympathetic is the key here.

Also, if it is possible to personally contact the customer, a few incentives can be offered by the business in form of some discount or vouchers. Then the customer can be tactfully asked to remove the review or change the negative review to a positive one. Sometimes an emotional connection with a customer can work wonders.

Beat it with Domain Authority

Sometimes bad reviews are fake and untraceable. In such cases, you can cover up the review using domain authority. The domain authority of sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram are very high. High domain authority means that Google will give them greater priority on business brand name searches.

Thus, try to list your business on these sites. For example you have a Facebook business page. You can tweet about your Facebook page. Or you can put up a presentation video of the services provided by your business on YouTube.
That way, brand name searches which drive the maximum traffic to a business will be optimized in a way that these domains occur first in search results due to their domain authority. Thus all bad reviews will be covered up.

How much time does it take to bear the bad reviews with domain authority technique? It is actually hard to predict it beforehand. However, a good and experienced reputation management freelancer knows how to get rid of these negative reviews quickly.

Flagging A Bad Review

Review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor have some protocols and Terms of Service. Obscene or lewd comments or reviews are not allowed.

The Terms of Service is also violated if a frustrated ex-employee is giving bad reviews deliberately.

In such cases the review can be “flagged, ” and the review site must be informed as to why it has been flagged. If the review site considers to reason strong enough to be violating the Terms of Service, the review is removed automatically. Also after flagging a bad review, a reply must be given to the review in form of a statement that says that the review has been “flagged”, so customers must ignore it.

Remember that as the business owner you cannot behave irrationally or react to a bad review. You must learn how to deal with it smartly. That way you can gain more traffic and also cater to your customers.