Five Apps That Are Essential For Youngsters

Five Apps That Are Essential For Youngsters

Life is to explore, learn, travel and eat. It is a constant, yet the circumstances varies. On the way to death, we meet people with whom we may work, live, travel as friends, family or as strangers. They are many emotions and feelings to complicate our life. Here are the 5 ESSENTIAL mobile apps that will ease your life style with little worry, with the help of your smartphone in your pockets.

Most of the youngster nowadays start to work in new places far away from home town, where everything is new. New people, new place, new culture, new food, new work, etc. With no more talks and philosophy, lets jump to the juice of this article.

Here are few apps that will help you in managing your travel, money, food and lifestyle. This article is solely based on my personal experience. You opinions and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

1) Google Maps


Google maps is one great invention of the decade. If you are a newbie in place then you must have a updated version of Google maps. There are many great enhancement to maps over the past few months, with a lot of data analysis and AI to solve the real time problems faced at the time of travel.


Google maps can give you the relative distance from source to destination. The direction are based 4 categories; Walk, Public transport, Private transport and Private transport service provider like UBER and OLA in India. Google maps is not just a simple paper to show the route, it’s a powerful tech genie. The following are the cool feature that is packed along with the application itself.

>>Add home and office

You can add your home and location to your timeline in maps along with your account. This information can be used across other apps and its easy to jump to location instead of waiting, typing, searching and surfing in. Additionally, Maps also provide you traffic insights based on your time to work or back to home.


>>Download maps offline

Battery and mobile data are two important factors to be saved during the travel. Maps allow us to download selected geographical area with WiFi and store it offline. This feature is much suitable for people who travel by walk or own vehicle. It works well with GPS navigation. This offline map is valid for 30 days and it can update automatically with WiFi, once available.


>>Label and start your favourite locations

Longing to see your friend? Have there location shared by there messenger. You can open the location in map and add label to them by *Long pressing* the location along with a star. You can even add star to the public locations.

>>Share the location to mobile

Google desktop map provides a option to share a location to your mobile via SMS and with the device synced with the google account.

2) Expense Manager

Expense Manager is one of the simple and free version of app to manage your daily expense. You can add your expense categories and note down the expense with date, time and a note along with payee details.

Monthly expense managerMonthly expense manager

The app provides user a statistical analysis of spending with respective to time and categories of money spend. Time is featured in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly bases. Categories is featured in the basis of automobile, entertainment, family, food, health care, home office, household, insurance, loans, personal, tax, travel and vacation along with sub categories. User can manually add categories and sub categories of there choice.

Expense manager charts

User can also sync the data with Google Drive and/or One Drive, where they can be export as CSV. Coolest thing in their new update is user get a analysis of spending and saving in the form of bar charts and pie charts.

3) Splitwise

Money makes many things, as the saying goes. Splitwise is a free app that helps in sharing the expense among friends. If you have a group of dragon monkey money friend to count each pent, then this app will keep your collars clear. Just use the mail id of the user to add and share the expense.

Splitwise options

Splitwise allow user to create group of roommates, tripmates to share there expenses making it a easy solution to enjoy the trip of life. Split and owe money among friends are too simple. One can split the amount equally, unequally, percentage, shares and adjustments. The notifications of updates are been generated to the user.

Splitting options

4) Uber or OLA

Uber homescreen

Being a newbie to city and not sure about public transport and afraid to go by Google maps? You can use UBER or OLA. Both the taxi aggregation service is aided with door step pickup, with GPS. Both OLA and Uber offer 1st free ride. The services are bit cheap on comparison with regular prices. OLA provides a lot of options and the cost is decent. Uber comes with limited options but cheap cost. If you are new to uber, use this promo code to avail a FREE RIDE “SAKTHIVELB29UE”.

Uber promocode free ride offer

Free ride is a great hook, where you can add you friends and colleagues with your promo code. At the end of the journey both will be avail a free ride.

5) Official banking app

All the bank nowadays provide its customer with a official banking app with is more simple and secured. You can manage payment and transfer at the click of button. There is no need for hours of standing in queue at bank for processing our request. Such apps comes in handy to keep track of your bank balances and salaries.

If you have any other useful apps, we are ready to hear in the comments below.

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