Android just got exciting, with Remix OS

Android just got exciting, with Remix OS

The Consumer Electronic Show(CES) that happened a week ago had some exciting things in store for the actual consumers. One of ’em is Remix OS. Founded by three ex-Googlers, the company behind the OS, Jide Technology is expanding the reach of the Android ecosystem. Their OS is a custom built version of Android aimed at bringing the mobile experience to desktop ecosystem.

Although the Android OS is primarily built for Touch-Devices, Jide has decided to make it comfortable with the traditional Keyboard-Mouse combo. The UI does look very material, running the Android Lollipop.


The alpha version is already out for developers and early adopters, which can be downloaded from their website. By default, Remix OS runs on a USB stick. You can use it in either Guest Mode, which will start fresh on a new desktop every time you run it, or Resident Mode, which will save all your apps and files on the USB stick, so you can resume your session later on any computer.

Things you’ll need:

  • Remix OS package (around 700Mb)
  • 8GB+ USB stick with 20MB/s write speed
  • An x86-based computer
  • Boot from USB enabled

The package itself comes with the tool needed to create the bootable disk. Plug in the USB stick into a computer and start the Remix OS USB tool. Select the ISO file in the package and the drive letter of the USB device and let it do the rest.

Once the USB is ready, boot the system into the USB Stick. There will be two modes of operation.

Guest Mode: This allows you to preview how Remix OS works. Any apps you install, settings you change, or files you download will be erased as soon as you turn off your computer.

Resident Mode: This will treat your USB stick like a portable computer. Any settings you change will be remembered, no matter which computer you plug it into. Apps you install and files you download will be written to the USB stick. This means the bigger your USB stick is, the more space you’ll have to install things.


Choose one of the above and you will be greeted into the operating system. Applications like Google Play will need to be installed manually using the APK file.

So, Why should you go for it? Here are the reasons to.

  • Multitasking with multiple apps on the screen at the same time
  • Sleek File Manager that can be re-sized
  • Keyboard and Mouse integration (even the Right-Click and key shortcuts work)
  • Beautiful Taskbar and Notifications Panel
  • Constant Updates Over-The-Air
With all these reasons, Remix OS is a good piece of work that re-imagined the entire Android experience.