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ByteKid.com is a blog on Technology and it’s related stuff that aims at providing its readers the best options to take decisions when it comes to tech and also provide the latest happenings. Started over a year ago with a different name, the blog contains numerous articles that could improve your day to day needs.

Our Goal:

  • Provide the latest news updates in the world of technology
  • Deliver tips and tricks in improving the reader’s productivity
  • Providing suggestions about the common problems and solutions
  • Educating users about the unknown/hidden details about technology



Varun A P

I’m a 22 year young blogger from the city often referred as the ‘the Manchester of South India’. #Tech #India #Love #Design #Web #Typography

Sandheep S

Tech enthusiast from Coimbatore, passionate about writing. My thirst for knowledge is never ending and quench your’s in my blog posts.

Sunesh G

I’m an avid Tech Enthusiast and an aspiring Security Researcher! #EthicalHacker #TechGeek

Shalmaan B

One with lots of love for graphic design and multimedia. Likes to explore with design elements.