A Whole New Experimental Keyboard from SwiftKey

A Whole New Experimental Keyboard from SwiftKey
SwiftKey, the makers of one of the most popular keyboard app on both Android and iOS, is up wit their new experimental project named Clarity. It is again a keyboard app that does much more than the normal one.

Clarity is an experimental keyboard offering a simple way to type, helping you to focus on what you’re writing and nothing else.

SwiftKey Clarity

Clarity scans the last few words typed and makes corrections to it based on the user’s slang of speaking the language. Currently, it supports only English(US) but is expected to add more languages soon.

Highlights of Clarity

  • Multi-word auto correct – checks the last few words you’ve typed and retrospectively corrects them
  • Always learning – automatically learns your slang, nicknames and phrases
  • No more ‘damn-you-auto correct’ – quickly undo any auto corrections and restore exactly what you typed by tapping backspace
Clarity learns the phrases, slang, and nicknames that one uses regularly so that it would not think as misspelled. The app is launched under its Greenhouse, which is a place for the development of newer ideas and growing them. Users who wish to try out Clarity can download it from the Play Store now.