7 Tips for keeping your social accounts safe and secure.

7 Tips for keeping your social accounts safe and secure.

Social media has created a vortex in the world with its applications. The products like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been so popular triggering a person to compulsively use and post on these platforms. You can use certain tips for keeping your account safe but the real question is, how safe are these virtual platforms?

As it turns out, they are not safe and it is quite unfair to put the entire burden on the developers to keep our account completely safe (which is nearly impossible). It is more rational to take a few steps ourselves to curb this issue.

Here are the 7 steps you could follow to protect your social accounts:


Do not underestimate the power of the privacy settings provided by the application. Make full use of it in order to have control over your account. Most social networking products come with a good amount of security options. No matter how good or bad they are, try to utilize it to your benefit.

For example, Facebook provides a privacy shortcuts option to customize based on your need and you can even get notified when your account is logged on in an unidentified IP address.


Control commenting on posts in third party websites with your Facebook, Google or twitter login which might garner some unnecessary attention from fake accounts. Most blogs have advanced commenting systems now. You can even post you comment as an anonymous person if it is absolutely necessary.

Instagram is now making a big change in its app regarding the comments and you can use “Advanced settings” to turn off commenting.




Posting information such as where you work is okay but don’t go to the extent of adding your work address. Facebook used to add GPS tags to your messages which will tell from where you are messaging.Thankfully it does not have that option anymore. So, if you are using any kind of messaging app make sure you don’t share your location to the other person unless you intend to do so.

The more personal details you share, the more you are vulnerable to attacks. There are applications out there that can stalk your posts regularly and based on your check-in places it can give a complete picture of your habits and it is unsafe.


Make your password a sentence and change it regularly. It is necessary because even if your account is compromised, changing your password will neutralize the attack. Follow the basics of setting a strong password and if it is possible always go with the 2 step verification. There is a huge problem in asking people to change passwords frequently. They will have the tendency to choose a password which is easier to guess which becomes even worse. User authentication has a long way to go because we need not worry about this if bio-metric or other strong tools are used.

Read more about this from an expert here!


Don’t use or connect to open Wi-Fi ‘s and insecure networks and do social networking and even worse don’t use your debit or credit cards. Using such networks can be unsafe and it has a higher probability of causing harm. If you are pushed to use Facebook or twitter in an internet café make sure you clean all the cookies and history. That is the least you can do against highly sophisticated sniffing tools.



Don’t hang around your social account if you have a doubt that it is compromised. It can cause you a lot of harm without you not even noticing. Avoid all the embarrassment by deleting your account and you might as well create a new one.


Some posts are created and sent out in social media to get you personal details just like spam and think twice before clicking a link which goes to another page. These links might be a phishing attempt and don’t fall for it. See who has sent you that link from where it has been shared or just ignore it.

Not just for links, be aware of posts like these in facebook.


They are a group of hackers who have hacked the twitter accounts of Rahul Gandhi, Indian National Congress, and Vijay Mallya. They posted tweets exposing them and proved that Social media is equal no matter how influential you are. Have a look at the screen grabs of the tweets.



Understand that you don’t need to have a high IQ to do all these things. Follow these  7 steps and secure your social accounts and your privacy.

  1. Considering the vulnerability it is not safe to use social media..but this is really good especially with detailed explanation of security settings…god work!!

    • Thank you!
      Today (11/12/16) NDTV’s emails and twitter handle’s were hacked by the Legions.
      Social network security is very real. Spread awareness!

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