5 Things Why LG V20 Is Special

5 Things Why LG V20 Is Special

Announcing the LG-20 in September, the phone was launched in India last week at a whooping price. And you might be curious why the phone is priced so high. Let me tell you the features of the phone that make it stand out and then discuss about the pricing.

Why LG V20?

Camera: Wide Angle

The camera of the LG V20 has a great support for taking wide angle images. The switch between angles is smooth with no loss of pixels.

In V20, instead of the dual lens front-facing camera debuted in the V10, the new 5-megapixel camera has a 120-degree viewing angle allowing you to fit in each one of your friends for a selfie. Where as the 8-megapixel rear camera offers a 135-degree view, much bigger the front facing one.

The switch to wide angle is also a single click away.


The LG V20 has two separate displays: One is the primary 5.7 inch QHD IPS LCD screen and second is a small bar above the display that shows the notification icons for quick access.

To use the display efficiently, the UX of the phone is entirely different. Check out the UX video by LG for a better experience.

4K Video

LG has come up with Steady Record v2 for a better and smoother video recording. The Snapdragon 820 lying inside the device also plays its role well for image stabilization. There is also some manual options that lets you play with the camera.

Hi-Fi Quad DAC Audio

The audio tech in the phone is also an USP of the device #LGV20 . The device comes with a support for a number of lossless audio formats to provide great audio experience for music lovers.

The Hi-Fi feature not only improved the audio playing experience but also the recording experience as well. The 3 High AOP (Acoustic Overload Point) Mics allow you to record loud scenes at sporting events without anyone distorting the sound.

The phone supports an expandable storage of up to 2TB, and that is massive. The battery is a 3200mAH lithium-ion providing talk-time of 14 hours and standby time of 136 hours.

And after all, the phone comes preloaded with Android Nougat as well.


  • Camera
  • Audio Experience
  • Android N
  • Performance


  • Battery


The above are some of the genuine reasons why LG V20 is not a bad deal.

The phone is overall a great buy and offers decent competition to the Google Pixel. The price of the phone is a bit high for markets like India. But seeing that Google Pixel is actually doing well, there are chances for this one to get a good sale too.

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