5 Quick Tech Tips For Everyone

5 Quick Tech Tips For Everyone

Technology has had huge impacts on the way we life. Even for children, technology is playing a major role as they get access to various gadgets in their childhood itself. Some stuff on the Internet can be very time-consuming and unproductive. But there are also things that you can use to improve your productivity. Today, I will walk you through five quick tech tips that everyone of us can use in our daily life.

5 Quick Tech Tips


We all spend most of our time spending on the Internet. A browser is one that helps us to get around. Browsers have become far more faster and intelligent in serving webpages quicker that before. But what if your entire PC is sluggish and you have a habit of browsing through multiple tabs in browser at a time?

In such cases, most of the current browsers store the content of every tab in computer memory in order to provide fast switching between tabs. When your PC is slow, loading multiple pages in memory can affect the performance.

OneTab Memory Optimization For Browser

This is where OneTab comes in. OneTab is a extension that is available for Google Chrome and Firefox that lets your make a list out of the tabs and clean them from memory. It makes the browser much faster with memory usage drastically reduced.

The process is not completely automatic and so you do not need to have the worry of losing tabs. When you manually click on the OneTab icon on the taskbar, it closes all the tabs and keeps only one tab with links to all the pages there were opened. So, when you want to read a particular tab, you can click on its link and open it again.

OneTab does not send your tab information to any server. I stored completely on your local machine itself.

It lets you to export your list of URLs which you can use later or even share it with your friends.

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Starting a website or building a brand? You might have to look for the availability of domain name as well as various social media handles for promotion. But what if you chose a name and later you find that there is already a popular brand in that name? No one would want such a situation.

Namechk homepage

Namechk is here to help everyone starting a new brand. When you enter the name of your choice, Namechk starts checking the availability of the name in various social handles as well as it looks if the domain name is available for that particular brand name.

It is very useful if you actually understand the difficulty of building a brand up from scratch.

The service is completely free and you can use it for any number of times.


How many times have you missed your meetings? Is it because of poor planning?

Doodle Meeting Scheduler

Doodle is a website that lets you to schedule your meetings easily and effortlessly. It can sync with your Outlook or Google calendar to avoid conflicting bookings.

They also have a mobile version (app) that makes it easy to track your meetings on the go. You can also respond to a meeting poll, initiate a poll, and see all of your polls at a glance.

It offers a separate page called MeetMe where people can see when you would be available to be contacted.

The basic version is free with most of the features, but they also have a premium version with additional features and higher security through SSL.


As the name suggests, Draw.io is an online web application that lets you draw without installing any specific tools. It has so much functionality built in to it.

The web application can draw simple figures and shapes to much complex UML diagrams, Entity Relation diagrams, flowcharts etc. It offers many vector shapes to choose from, making it more appealing to design enthusiasts. The web application is compatible with a wide range of browsers and versions.

Another flexibility that draw.io offers complete rights to use the diagrams anywhere from websites to brochures. You can even connect to Google Drive to store your diagrams in the cloud. You can also import images from Google Search directly while drawing. The supported formats for exporting diagrams include XML, JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and SVG.


”Storify gives you the tools to create the best evergreen and live blog stories, uniting traditional storytelling with engaged audiences.

Storify To Increase Engagement

As they say, it is a fun way of telling stories about live events, news, campaigns and even discussions. It includes features such as live collaboration which can benefit for stuff like journals. It also lets you collect specific hashtags and create a custom twitter feed for your users. You can also gather feeds from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as well.

Storify also gives you the option to turn your story into a slideshow presentation.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best quick tech tips for improving your daily productivity. If there is something that you think should have a mention here, let us know in the comments section below.