5 Essential Smartphone Apps For Document Management

5 Essential Smartphone Apps For Document Management

With the increased use of mobile phones throughout the day, we have high-expectation from our phones in their functionality. We are getting more things done on our smartphones than on the computer because we carry them with us all the day. Sometimes, mobile apps may lack features compared to their desktop counterparts, but they are specifically designed to get things done quickly and on the go. In such an environment, there are some time-proven apps that are becoming essential when it comes to mobile document management.

They allow us to store, share, create, and edit our digital documents, in the same way, you would use them on your computer. You can increase your mobile productivity by tenfold when it is equipped with the right apps.

Google Drive

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Google Drive App For iOS

Cloud computing was supposed to solve the problem of working on multiple devices, storing files online, and instant accessibility from anywhere. That is what the Google Drive app delivers to us. When working on your PC, you can just easily store files and sync with your mobile phone as well. Since you always carry your phone, you can access your files from any place with an Internet connection.

Being totally free makes this app a must-have cloud storage on your phone. Not only that you can store and access your files, you can also create new documents using other G Suite apps like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Easily search, store and create documents on your phone with Google Drive.

PDF to Word Converter

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We always search for a more convenient way to work with documents on our phones. One great example of functionality and simplicity put together in one place is a PDF to Word Converter app. It gives you more control over your PDF files, by allowing you to convert them into Word documents. This app will save you a lot of trouble, like retyping the whole documents.

It can convert files from your device, cloud services, and Gmail attachments. PDF to Word also allows you to take a picture of the document and convert into Word directly from the app. This app has become a fundamental when dealing with PDFs for both business and casual users.


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Do you need a way to create one PDF document from a couple of photos or to have a backup of your personal documents always with you? Then you are lucky to have this kind of app with you. TurboScan app enables you to scan documents, receipts, children drawings and much more. Take photos of documents, save them as PDF or JPEG, and you’re good to go.

You don’t need to have a professional scanner when you can use this app and make perfect scans. The app features automatic detection of edges of the document, straighten perspective, “Sure scan” option for low-light scans and easy email or cloud-sharing options. Send your business offers straight away from your phone or have a backup of your ID with you all the time. The options are numerous.

Adobe Fill & Sign

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Printing documents from email only to sign them, scan them and send them back, seems a little time-consuming. If you want to sign your documents in a smarter way, you can use the Adobe Fill & Sign app. You can create your signature in the app using the pen or fingers, save it and add a signature to every document that requires it.

If you are a more casual user, who doesn’t sign dozens of documents daily, then you can use the app as a form filler as well. We all know that we have to submit some kind of forms, right. You can fill in PDF forms on your phone, like those sent by banks, without printing out the document. All filled forms and documents signed with e-signature app can be smoothly shared directly from the app.


Evernote App Android

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When you need to jot down an important information or something on your mind, you need a good note app to write it down. There are numerous note-taking solutions out there and they differ in the way they enable you to take your notes. But, one that can offer an all-around solution for note-taking is most certainly the Evernote app.

You can add notes by typing, handwriting, speaking, taking a picture, or adding PDF attachments to notes. Sometimes you may feel that you have too many options, and you are using only a couple of them. You can make to-do lists or save entire web pages, articles and blog posts to your notes. The app offers many options to take notes and to organize your life, it is up to you to figure out what works the best for you.

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