12 Things You Need To Know About Getting Blog Traffic Today

12 Things You Need To Know About Getting Blog Traffic Today

Many a times, you might have written some great content for your readers but might not have received enough attention. It might be on a blog or a website. Getting blog traffic is always hard unless you already have number of regular readers.

..And you might even be disappointed that your efforts to get traffic were in vain. Stop worrying. You just hit the right spot.

Today, I will show you a number of ways to attract traffic to your blog post or even your website easily.

how to get traffic to blog website

How Are A Few Ways Of Getting Blog Traffic

Let’s get started.

For a Website/Blog, it is not easy to get users by word of mouth(by sharing with people you know). If you also have an offline presence, make sure you add it to Google Maps and also you can utilize print media(posters, banners, newspaper ads) to attract the surrounding crowd.

Other than offline promotion, there are various tools that can be used to gain online readers.

1.Facebook Groups

Most of us  or almost all would have a facebook account, but how many would have cared to discuss in the groups available on facebook. Very few.

Groups in facebook brings discussions

There are a large number of groups in facebook relating to blogging, SEO and also many other niche’s. Do a quick search to find them. Join the ones with good number of members so that you can build more interactions.

Also most of the groups would have strict policies that doesn’t allow to promote content.

Make use of comments to convey links to your blog posts. But make sure the comments are relevant to the posts, making it a source for getting blog traffic on a regular basics.

2. Blog Comments

Many people would have told you that commenting on other blogs would get you backlinks. Well, it may be true but it has some disadvantages also.

blog comments reimagined for Getting Blog Traffic

Do not comment just because you have to. Build up a trust worthiness with your response.

Many people would then like to checkout your blog. This method helps to build a long lasting follower-ship for your content.

3. Optimize Your Title For Getting Blog Traffic

When a user finds your website, you only have a second or two to catch their attention. So it is important to optimize your title to give a better insight into the following content.

Use catchy words such as “Must Have”, “Easy Method” and so on to get attention.

There are some online title builders that can help you get a better title for your post(blog). Below are a few titles that could bring in good results for this post.

Generating attractive titles

You can also make use of a headline analyzer to see if it has the right number of words.

4. Answer Questions

Websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora are also a great source for getting blog traffic.

Find the topic in which you have expertise and start answering queries.

Build a good profile by answering questions relating to the topic of your blog. Over a period of time, you can start recommending content as well.

Direct users to read your blog posts for a better insight.

Note: Remember to maintain relevance to the question or else you will not see any improvement in the number of visitors.

5. Google+ Communities

Yes, Google + it is. Although Google+ is almost dead in terms of usage, Communities in it are hosting a lot of discussions.

Google+ communities for Getting Blog Traffic

Joining communities related to your blog will increase your traffic as well as improve Google search results.

Search takes a lot of parameters into account and Google+ is still an important factor for deciding it. If you are blogging about mobile devices and android, this is the best place you can find.

6. LinkedIn Groups

Similar to Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities, LinkedIn groups are one of the places where there is a lot of engagement.

But you cannot be promotional in it. You need to contribute content that is useful to others only otherwise it will be removed.

Always respond to comments so that you get to a good contributor.

7. Make Your Own Infographic

Never heard the term Infographic? It refers to large graphical images that is used to deliver content in a crispier way.

Humans usually tend to register visual content faster rather than textual one. And so making an infographic will attract a lot of viewers.

Also there are many sites that share such Infographics. You can host your own one and generate an embed url(look for online tools) for the same so that others can include it on their blog as well.

Using embed code will bring readers from other blogs, who shared the infographic, back to your blog.

Checkout our custom made infographic: Checklist For Developing Mobile Apps

8. Power Of YouTube

Videos are also a good source of readers for blogs. You can make videos that explains about your blog contents in brief and then direct them to your blog for a detailed explanation.

Make sure to effectively utilize the video description section as well.

Also in the video, mention about your blog post as and when possible to increase the click through rate.

9. Slideshare

Of Course, Slideshare is for slides. But it can also generate traffic to your blog.

Create a presentation about your blog niche and share it publicly on slideshare. Adding links to your best posts in the description can help you in getting blog traffic.

How to get noticed with slideshare

Mark the term “get noticed“. This is what Slideshare itself says in their about page.

By doing so, one who see the slides tend to see the description also and it will turn out to be a source to the blog.

10. Instagram and Hashtags

Do you know? The popularity of instagram is because of the hash tags. They easily categorize all the pictures.

Publish an image relating to your blog post and share the link to the post in the description along with relevant hash tags. Try to follow others in the same niche and have interactions on other images.

Usage of hashtags increases social transmission over 70%.

11. Pinterest

Create boards in pinterest on your blog niche and pin posts to it.

You can also pin posts by others so that they would also share your board if they find it useful. Build a following but make sure you also follow them. (give and take)

Pin posts in pinterest

If someone didn’t follow you, you can unfollow them later.

Quick Tips for Pinterest:

  • Make use of business pages
  • Verify your website/blog
  • Turn off search privacy so that others can find you
  • Use Keywords in the bio
  • Craft photos to explain your content better
  • Use Hashtags and Watermarks
  • And ensure that you remain consistent

12. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a great platform to find related content and also to publicize them. After every post, submit the link to Stumble.

There are chances that your content gets stumbled at random times. You also need to stumble through a lot of pages for your content to get stumbled. But it’s worth the try.

Bonus: Digg can give you engagement if your niche is a high performing one.

To Conclude:

At the end of the day, you content is what talks to your users. Be keen in delivering the best possible resources to your readers. Ensure usage of heading tags and anchor texts to provide better readability.

Tip: Link to your own internal posts in such a way that people who read one article might find other to be helpful as well.

Remember that getting blog traffic is not easy, but by being consistent in doing the above things can help you on the long run.

You blog/website should also load as quickly as possible as the readers who visit your blog are very impatient. Optimize your images for the same as it usually takes more time to load. Here are a few tools to compress images.

I also recommend reading this book for a better understanding of all the tactics to improve your blog traffic.

book_getting_blog_traffic_todayKeep track on analytics so that you can identify the types of posts your readers find interesting. And always remember that you have very less time to impress your readers while creating content.

Along with this, don’t forget to share on your Facebook page and Twitter profile.

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